[Hands-On] 2D RPG CrossCode: Bringing Back Memories and Fun

If you’ve been busy with mainstream games, you probably haven’t heard CrossCode even though it’s been in Early Access for two years. However, this game definitely deserves more attention. This game is a combination of fast combat action, puzzle, and RPG. It’s almost perfect in everything.

I just finished playing its demo before I write this article.

The developer, Radical Fish Games uses pixel graphics blended with modern physics to create an amazing feel of modern combat yet retro sensation. The sound and music are also perfect.

The story, you are playing an avatar in some kind of MMO but your avatar doesn’t remember anything about her past. I feel there is a twist or at least a surprise waiting in terms of the plot. Maybe it won’t be as deep as cRPG such as Divinity: Original Sins series or Pillars of Eternity but still it makes me curious to know more.

My only complaint is the control. I know this type of game is usually played with a gamepad but I want to test playing it mouse and keyboard. It’s not bad actually though it’s not perfect. I can’t change the button for my attack.

It’s weird because you can reconfigure any commands but one thing that will be used most frequently. You could reconfigure your keyboard buttons but none for your mouse.

Here’s why it matters to me. This game uses left click for two kinds of attack (melee and range) and right click to dodge. The attack changes depending on your character distance with the mouse pointer. In close proximity, your left click becomes a melee attack. If the pointer goes further than that, the button becomes range attack.

In a hectic combat situation, I often forget that.

Some people might see this as a challenge but I think it could be more intuitive if I could rebind the dodge to space (on my keyboard), left click for a melee attack, and right click for the range. It’s not a deal breaker though but it annoys me.

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At last, this game certainly brings back memories and it’s fun yet challenging (though not as challenging as any roguelike game). And, if they decided to allow us to rebind the attack buttons, it will be perfect!

This game will finally leave early access in September 2018. Meanwhile, you could also try the demo yourself for free.


Developer: Radical Fish Games
Publisher: Deck13, WhisperGames, DANGEN
Price: US$19.99
Link: Steam

System Requirement (Recommended):

  • OS: Windows 7/8
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory, 1GB memory recommended

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