What is the Best Job in the World? Is Dream Job a Myth?

I believe everyone has a dream on what the best job in the world ever is. I want to explore those ‘dream jobs’ and point out that it may not be as ‘dreamy’ as you may have thought initially.

Before going further, I have been working professionally since 2008 and, even before that, I’ve had some side hustles during my time in college. Let’s just say, I have a bit of experience working here and there. I want to state this because my opinion here comes from my experience working from time to time.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get started.


High profile reputable company

Imagine working for a hot-shot startup or a reputable long-lasting company? Maybe it’s just me but, previously, I always dreamt of getting a job in a high profile or reputable company. Because, I would think about the high salary, good prestige, and the best people to work with if I could join the biggest companies in the country or even the world.

Turns out, it’s not that simple.

It’s true, good prestige is automatically achieved. I’ve been there. People will treat you differently when you introduce yourself working for a different company. When I was working for a not so well-known company, I spent most of my initial hour explaining myself and the company when I met people for the first time. On the other hand, when I was working for one of the biggest companies in the PC industry, people that I talk to for the first time will, usually, automatically talk about that company and its products.

Even your friends, colleagues, and contacts will see you differently when you get a job in high profile companies – I could be wrong though, but that’s how I feel. However, prestige is the only thing that you can get for certain. Well, you could also get a high salary too (probably) but I could get it too without working for the high profile companies.

However, talking about the best talents to work together, sometimes it’s not always the case.

Because I have been working in the media for so long, I know a lot of people from the big companies too. Some of them, I dare to say, are just lucky to get the jobs.

Maybe it’s because there are certain biases in the recruitment process. Maybe it’s because you couldn’t just see other people’s capabilities on a piece of paper. I mean I know some people who have amazing resumes/CV but that’s just it. It’s only good on paper. In reality, nobody knows until it’s time to do some real work.

Maybe, it’s also because most people just do the job for the sake of doing the job – like doing the bare minimum, as long as they are not getting fired. I don’t blame them entirely for doing that though, because sometimes the jobs, the bosses, and even the companies are pushing professionals to that side – the quiet quitting side.


Big pay with little effort

I think this is the most common dream job for most people. Who doesn’t like getting paid for doing nothing? Turns out, it’s not as wonderful as our imagination because I’ve been there too.

For years, I have been getting paid big for doing so little – at least for my capacity. It’s amazing for a while, truly. You have so much spare time and you have more than enough money to support your life and hobbies. Although, after a while, it’s getting numbing.

I’m the type of person who’s craving for achievements. It’s boosting my confidence. By doing nothing, I have no achievement. Also, it’s kind of a dangerous situation too. I think laziness is just really addictive. You won’t feel it until it’s late.

It’s kind of a dilemmatic situation, I guess, for many people and me. I mean too much work is also bad – even for me – but doing nothing is just worse. I even asked my boss for more responsibilities but, until now, I don’t know why it’s not given to me.

I believe people will also look for achievements. We want something to strive for, to feel capable of certain things. By doing nothing for a while, you will end up feeling inadequate at your job or even your life. I really hate that kind of feeling.

Also, you learn nothing when doing nothing too. That’s kind of alarming for our future.

Working with passion

There is a popular saying, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The most consistent thing since I was a child until today is my gaming hobby. Fortunately, I also have been working in the gaming industry since the first job of my career.

So, am I living the dream? Not quite.

I have been working for many companies and I know a lot of people from many different companies too. One thing that I learned is that, if the company offers you “working with passion”, most likely it’s looking for cheap workers. “You can do meaningful work that you love while getting paid. It’s the satisfaction that you can get” (or something similar) is usually an indication of the bosses not willing to go the extra length to make sure its workers can have a safe future – which requires a lot of money in this era.

I truly believe that passion is not enough to do the job exceptionally well. Sure, having the passion helps with the motivation to keep going. However, a great job requires skills and experience that don’t come cheap.

I think it’s entirely up to each of us to choose – whether to put passion or money first. However, personally, I don’t think it’s mutually exclusive. You could still do the work passionately while getting paid well because certain companies value your skill and experience.

I think doing the job passionately also lies on the professionals – we can always find something meaningful and something to love in any kind of the job that we do.


The last aspect that I want to explore is the people that you work together with. Teamwork makes the dream work, they said. For this last part, honestly, that’s what I’m looking for too right now. After dozens of years of working, I finally realize that what I really want is a great team to work with.

I do think that every job could be boring and painful, even the ones that you have passion in. Yet, when you could have a great team, colleagues, and bosses, every problem and every target could become a healthy challenge to tackle.

Unfortunately, the hard part is: I think it’s more difficult to achieve compared to the previous aspects I mentioned – like getting a high paying job or a passion job. Because, usually, we need time to make people work together nicely in a team. Sometimes, it just won’t happen no matter how much time we invest.

Moreover, talking about bosses, it’s almost impossible to change them. There are so many types of bosses. Tough but fair? Crazy boss with a foul mouth? Kind and respectful boss? Indecisive boss because he knows nothing? They also said, “we don’t quit our job. We quit our bosses.”

Talking about great camaraderie in a workplace is like playing team-based competitive games (MOBA, FPS, etc.). When you have great people playing together, it’s the best feeling in the world. Yet, it will ruin your day when you find bad teammates to play together. Surely, it’s also not easy to find great suitable people. Unless, we could build our own team.

I was lucky that I have experience of being given the freedom to build my own team, on several occasions. I think it’s the biggest chance of finding great teammates to work together with. However, the freedom to build your own team? It’s not that easy to get.



In the end, I say this wholeheartedly: reality sucks… In the end, there is no such thing as a dream job – you have to choose which aspect of your dream that you are willing to let go. Even so, sometimes, choosing is a luxury.

I may sound a bit bitter and pessimistic but let me end this with a positive note. Sure, reality sucks, just like our job. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find happiness. I really believe that knowing so many bad things in life doesn’t necessarily forbid us to be grateful, to be nice to each other, and to be hopeful.

Feat image: Ruslan Burlaka via Pexels

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