Minecraft Manhunt: History and Rise to Fame

Dream has just released his newest Minecraft Manhunt video titled “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters FINALE”. In over a day, the video already racked up about 10 million views on YouTube. The Minecraft Manhunt series is probably one of the greatest series in all Minecraft history, if not the greatest. It is so popular that it is the only Minecraft series that has its own IMDb page, which is slightly absurd, in my opinion. It always felt that I was watching a John Wick type of movie, except that it feels real and not scripted.

Moreover, it can be argued that the Manhunt series single-handedly propelled Dream’s YouTube channel into what it is today. However, the series wasn’t always like what it was today, averaging 30+ million views. To understand how the series blew up into Minecraft culture, we need to look at its humble beginnings and history. 


Before The Manhunt Era

Dream didn’t start off his YouTube fame and career uploading Manhunt videos. Instead, he was doing a variety of series to see what will bite his audience’s attention. One of his popular series before Manhunt was Minecraft Unsolved. The series tackles unsolved questions that exist in the game. One such popular video in the series is questioning the 5 bloazck jumps in Minecraft (the video shown above). 

Another popular series, which he still does until this day, is the coded Minecraft challenges. In this series, the Dream Team showcases their coding skills by modifying the game to provide extra and fun challenges. These challenges include beating the game with X-ray on, random gravity flips, a growing black hole that swallows the world, having the ability of Spiderman, and other crazy shenanigans. The last video released, at the time of making this article, was beating Minecraft with zero brightness level

Luckily, coded Minecraft challenges translates well into another series which I usually call the PvP series. The series combines the aspect of PvP, or player vs. player, with the extra challenges that coded plugins provide. A popular video from this series is the Minecraft Death Swap, where players will swap positions after a couple of minutes. They were not allowed to engage in a fight but instead must set clever traps to eliminate the opponent. 

These series had collectively built Dream’s channel with a strong foundation of followers. However, it was nothing compared to the next series that Dream released. 


The Birth of Minecraft Manhunt

On 26th December 2019, Dream uploaded his first-ever Minecraft Manhunt video, as shown above. The video was titled “Beating Minecraft, But My Friend Tries To Stop Me”; nothing like what Manhunt videos are titled today. In this video, Dream’s friend GeorgeNotFound hunts down Dream to prevent him from beating the game, as per usual. Technically, this is just a Manhunt video with one hunter. Unfashionably, Dream lost in this video because of a misjudgment of his fall damage. The first episode was not as spectacular and interesting as the Manhunt videos from today, but it sparked the attention of his subscribers and planted a seed for the future of the series.


The Different Modifications of Manhunt

After releasing his Manhunt video, Dream added some twists to make the series more challenging and captivating to watch. For example, hunters have a one-shot capability in the vs. assassin video; however, the assassin will freeze if he got spotted in Dream’s crosshair. Another twist that Dream created was giving the hunter full diamond armor. Each of the videos in this series continued to popularize his channel and allowed him to cross the 1 million subscriber mark. Yes, he only crossed the 1 million marks 10 months ago and now has over 13 million subscribers; that is just how fast Dream’s channel is growing.


Manhunt With 2 Hunters

So far, all of Dream’s videos can already be considered viral in the Minecraft community. The views in his videos average in the millions and some in the 10+ million. However, Dream’s first video to cross the 20 million views mark is the “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters” video. The concept behind this video is essentially the same as the first-ever Manhunt video with George; only this time Dream brought in another Hunter named Sapnap. Sapnap has been a long time friend of Dream and has been in several of his previous videos. Thus, it would only make sense to bring him in as an extra challenge in the Manhunt series. 

As expected, the extra hunter provided Dream with a much more significant disadvantage and forced him to think out of the box. This is ultimately where we get the 900 IQ moments from Dream. In this particular video, one of the “big-brain” moments was when he jumped down to the lava and pearl-ed behind George to exit the portal. 


Manhunt With 3 Hunters

After seeing the immense success that the 2 hunters video generated, Dream decided to add another hunter by inviting BadBoyHalo. The tension and the challenge in the series grew to an even greater extent. Moreover, all of the 3 hunters videos all racked up 30+ million views. 

In the first video of the 3 hunter Manhunt series (shown above), Dream got intensely outmatched by the sheer number of hunters. This disadvantage ultimately led the hunters to enter the end portal before Dream and trapped it with lava. As a result, Dream lost and proposed a rematch. In the rematch, Dream won just by a sliver of milliseconds. He managed to get the ender Dragon to 1 hp and sniped it with his bow just before Sapnap killed him.

Since Dream has even the score, it would only make sense for them to make a best of 3, and thus the finale of the series. Although Dream managed to get into the end portal first, the hunters quickly harassed him and prevented Dream from dealing any damage to the Dragon. Dream was immensely disadvantaged in the fights and ultimately got slain by BadBoyHalo even after managing to kill 2 hunters. 

At this point, we all thought the series has come to a close. However, Dream surprised his audience by uploading a finale rematch, turning the series into a best of 5. A similar situation in the previous video happened again, but Dream caught the upper hand this time. Dream had slain Sapnap and George in the End, leaving BadBoyHalo and Dream to a 1v1. However, Dream’s has lost a significant amount of his armor and thus can’t engage Bad in a fight. Out of desperation, Dream baited Bad to the edge of the map, did the pearl trick in the 2 hunters video, knocked Bad off the cliff. He then finishes the Dragon off without any problems and sealed his victory.  

The score is now 2-2, and the Grand Finale of the 3 hunters Manhunt series was set. I personally found this episode to be the most enjoyable with lots and lots of clutch moments. One of these moments was the horse save that Dream executed after falling from the nether portal in the sky. It also ended in an amazing fashion. The 3 hunters in this video were very organized compared to the previous episodes. Thus, they managed to gather significant resources and enter the End portal before Dream. Again, they trapped the portal and claimed their victory. However, Dream surprised them with a bombardment of TNT through the portal that killed all the 3 hunters. Dream eventually won the game and the series.


Manhunt with 4 Hunters

3 hunters already made the series intense and impossible to do. 4 hunters seemed out of this world. Dream added another hunter to the arsenal, Antfrost. With one extra hunter, we see even more crazy plays from Dream to ensure his victory. However, the ending of the first 4 hunter Manhunt was a little bit confusing. In Dream’s final attempt at killing the Dragon, he goes in for an all-in move by TNT-ing the Dragon. Though he managed to light up the TNT, Sapnap killed Dream before the explosion that eliminates the Dragon. As a result, the ending seems slightly draw-ish even though the hunters technically won. 

With the weird ending of the first iteration of the 4 hunters series, Dream set a rematch. The episode showcases the iconic nether roof trap that ultimately leads to the hunters losing all of their resources. Moreover, it is also the first time that Dream used bed-cycling to kill the Dragon. This greatly surprised the hunters and allowed Dream to easily secure his victory.

After even-ing the score yet again, Dream released the finale of the 4 hunters series (video shown above). This was, in my opinion, the tensest Manhunt. It featured a lot of traps and long fights. It also features Dream’s flying boat trick that he already perfected in this episode. Because he was able to acquire Geoge’s full diamond gear and brew potions, Dream was able to fend off the 4 hunters and slay the Ender Dragon. 


The Future of Manhunts

Despite the last video being titled the Grand Finale, we already knew from previous occasions that this will not be the case. Moreover, in the extra clips of the last Manhunt video, Dream offered the 4 hunters another rematch. So yes, Manhunt is not done just yet. 


Featured Image from Dream

Ananto J

Ananto J

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  1. Dream’s Minecraft manhunt has finally come to end a month ago, which is a 5 hunters finale. I will always remember his 1000 IQ escapes and traps and I am looking forward to his next mc series.

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