Dead Island 2 Global Sales Exceed 1 Million Copies

Dead Island 2 sales

Dead Island 2 sold over one million copies in its first three days of release, according to Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios.

“Dead Island 2 has won fans from around the world, with countless players snapping up a copy of the drop dead gore-geous game in the first 72 hours,” said Deep Silver in a press release.

Furthermore, in-game statistics describing how many players performed specific behaviors were released. Players have slain 1.1 billion zombies, severed 756 million zombie limbs, and cut 45 million zombies in half so far. Furthermore, gamers have spent a total of 11 million hours playing the game and have perished a total of 28 million times.

Actually, the sales are not the biggest number this year. Hogwarts Legacy is still wearing the title with 12 million copies in two weeks. However, Dead Islands 2 has been in development for 8 years, surviving development hell. It experienced some setbacks and pitfalls over the past 10 years.

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The first Dead Island game was released in 2011 with Techland as the game developer. Unfortunately, Techland would instead create the Dying Light series. Then, Dead Island 2 was handed over to be developed by Yager Development – originally planned to be released in 2015.

Due to creative conflicts with publisher Deep Silver, Yager was shortly ousted from the project, and the studio Sumo Digital took over in 2016. 3 years later, it was announced that Dead Islands 2 had changed developers again, with Dambuster Studios in charge. Thankfully, the development began to take shape and it finally got released in April 2023 (after some minor delays).

Dead Island 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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