Should Nintendo Keep Hunting Classic Game ROMs Sites?

Should Nintendo keep hunting classic game ROMs websites? It seems they will keep doing that. At first, as reported by TorrentFreak, Nintendo sues 2 ROM sites, and

“The LoveROMs and LoveRETRO websites are among the most open and notorious online hubs for pirated video games. Through the LoveROMs and LoveRETRO websites, Defendants reproduce, distribute, publicly perform and display a staggering number of unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s video games, all without Nintendo’s permission.” Said Nintendo in its complaint.

Furthermore, they are not only demanding to shut down these sites but also requesting for statutory damages of US$150K for every Nintendo game and up to US$2M for each trademark infringement. TorrentFreak also wrote that since they have more than 140 copyrighted titles and 40 trademarks on the record, the damages could go up to a US$100M.

On July 22, LoveRETRO has been taken down. While LoveROMS chose to remove all of their Nintendo titles. That is just the first story.

On July 23, Nintendo aims for another target. They ask GitHub to shut down Game Boy Advance emulator.

Screenshot from: GitHub

“The files located at the repository link contain unauthorized copies of Nintendo’s video game software in violation of the law and GitHub’s Terms of Service,” as written by Nintendo.

I get it why Nintendo is doing this, they are just trying to protect their business. By taking down the sites, Nintendo is forcing gamers to play their classic games on the ‘official’ console. Thus, boosting their sales numbers.

Unlike PlayStation who’s releasing their games on so many platforms, Nintendo seems more closed-minded. They only want to release their games on their own newer platforms. On 2017, Nintendo told Gamasutra about this.

For example, you can find Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, which was originally released for GBA, on Nintendo 3DS. You could also play Super Mario RPG on Wii U (using its Virtual Console service) even though it was released for SNES in 1996.

Since I love playing on emulators too, I know there are still so many sites providing Nintendo’s classic games. So, the question is should Nintendo keep hunting classic game ROMs providers until there’s nothing left? Is it even possible?

I know they want to give exclusive titles for their players. It makes sense in terms of business too.

Yet, the problem is could they ship their platforms as many as PC globally? I don’t think so. PC gaming platform is so much superior in terms of shipment because it’s the stakes of many companies, such as PC component companies.

Moreover, if we are talking about classic games, Nintendo could actually use Android and iOS platforms. Both platforms have more than enough juice to run classic games and both of them could ship so much more devices (especially Android, because there are so many companies involved too).

I know Super Mario RPG (SNES) when I was in college even though I was born on the 80s. I also played Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA) during that time. Both of them are truly amazing. However, since I played them on the 2000s and can’t find the consoles in my city, I have to play on a PC using emulators.

Super Mario RPG on Wii U Virtual Console. Image Courtesy: Nintendo

I like Nintendo. I truly do. But, they should follow PlayStation’s steps by selling some of their old or even new games on different platforms. People won’t play on emulator anymore if they could play it natively on the new platform. At least, I do. It’s a win-win solution too for Nintendo since it’s good money. PlayStation is already doing it right. They release it first for their platform and later for the others. Not only they could get better sales numbers for their game, they get to refresh the hype on a later date.

Monster Hunter World from CAPCOM

Look at the Monster Hunter World. It was originally released on January 2018. Almost 8 months later, they still can keep their hype high because they are planning to release on PC.

Finally, if I’m being honest, personally I care about the classic games more than the new ones. I think Nintendo should let all gamer taste the classics, the cannons, and the legends of video games ever made.

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