The Evolution of G.I. Joe Games: A Legacy in the Making

G.I. Joe games

G.I. Joe, the iconic toy franchise, has transcended its plastic origins to become a significant part of pop culture, spawning comics, movies, and notably, video games. The history of G.I. Joe games is a fascinating journey that mirrors the evolution of the gaming industry itself. From early adaptations to the latest release, “G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra,” the franchise has consistently reinvented itself to stay relevant.

G.I. Joe Games — Early Beginnings: 1980s to 1990s

The first G.I. Joe game, “G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike,” was released for the Atari 2600 in 1983. Although simplistic by modern standards, it was innovative for its time, featuring both single-player and multiplayer modes. This game set the tone for future adaptations with its action-packed gameplay centered around the eternal struggle between G.I. Joe and the nefarious Cobra organization. Following this, the late 1980s saw the release of “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” for the NES, which offered a side-scrolling action experience featuring popular characters like Duke and Snake Eyes.

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The 1990s continued this trend with titles like “G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor” for the NES. This period also saw the advent of arcade-style games such as “G.I. Joe,” an arcade shooter released by Konami in 1992. These games capitalized on the popularity of side-scrolling and shoot ’em up genres, delivering intense action and cooperative gameplay that became a staple for the series.

G.I. Joe Games — The Turn of the Millennium: 2000s

The 2000s marked a significant evolution in the G.I. Joe video game franchise. The release of “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” for various platforms, including PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii, coincided with the live-action movie of the same name. This game featured third-person action gameplay and allowed players to switch between different characters, each with unique abilities. Despite mixed reviews, it was a commercial success and introduced G.I. Joe to a new generation of gamers.

G.I. Joe Games — Modern Day: 2010s to Present

The recent decade has seen a resurgence in interest for G.I. Joe games, blending nostalgia with modern gaming mechanics. The upcoming release, “G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra,” developed by Maple Powered Games and published by, represents a return to the franchise’s roots with a modern twist. This game is set to offer a retro side-scrolling beat ’em up experience, reminiscent of classic arcade games, but with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics.

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According to PC Gamer, “Wrath of Cobra” promises to deliver an authentic G.I. Joe experience, allowing players to step into the boots of legendary characters like Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, and Snake Eyes. The game emphasizes cooperative gameplay, both locally and online, enabling players to team up and take down the Cobra forces together.

The game’s Steam page highlights several features designed to appeal to both new players and long-time fans. These include unique character abilities, diverse enemy types, and iconic villains such as Destro, Serpentor, and Cobra Commander. The developers have also focused on a retro-infused soundtrack, enhancing the nostalgic feel while providing a fresh audio experience.

Gameplay and Features of “G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra”

“G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra” is designed to capture the essence of classic arcade beat ’em ups. Players can expect fast-paced action, with each G.I. Joe character bringing their distinct combat style and special moves to the battlefield. The game promises a variety of enemy types, from basic Cobra troopers to advanced units like Alley Vipers and B.A.T.s, each requiring different strategies to defeat.

The visual style of “Wrath of Cobra” is a modern take on pixel art, aiming to balance nostalgia with contemporary aesthetics. The game’s environments and character models are crafted to evoke the look and feel of the 1980s animated series while utilizing modern graphics capabilities to enhance detail and animation fluidity.

Multiplayer gameplay is a key component of “Wrath of Cobra,” supporting both local co-op and online multiplayer modes. This feature allows players to join forces regardless of their physical location, promoting teamwork and strategic planning.

Post-Launch Support and Future Prospects

One of the exciting aspects of “G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra” is the commitment to post-launch support. The developers have plans to introduce new content, including additional characters, levels, and game modes. This ongoing support is intended to keep the game fresh and engaging, fostering a vibrant community of G.I. Joe enthusiasts.

The game’s development reflects a broader trend in the industry where retro-inspired games are reimagined for modern audiences. This approach not only taps into the nostalgia of older gamers but also introduces classic gameplay styles to new players who may not have experienced them before.


The legacy of G.I. Joe games is a testament to the enduring appeal of the franchise. From the early days of simple side-scrollers to the sophisticated, action-packed titles of today, G.I. Joe games have continually evolved to meet the expectations of fans. “G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra” stands as the latest chapter in this ongoing saga, promising to deliver a blend of nostalgic gameplay and modern features. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, the game’s release marks an exciting moment for G.I. Joe and gaming enthusiasts alike.

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