MPL ID Season 13: A Statistical Breakdown

MPL ID Season 13 Statistics

The 13th season of the Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) has been a thrilling spectacle of strategy, skill, and competition. With teams and players pushing the limits of their abilities, the statistics from this season offer a fascinating glimpse into the evolving meta and standout performances. This article delves into the MPL ID Season 13 statistics, highlighting the most picked and banned heroes, top players, and team performances.

The data is taken from the official website of MPL Indonesia.

Most Picked Heroes

Hero picks often reflect the current meta and strategic preferences of teams. This season, the most picked heroes were:

  1. Fredrinn – 133 picks
  2. Barats – 96 picks
  3. Claude – 89 picks
  4. Valentina – 88 picks
  5. Baxia – 84 picks
  6. Roger – 83 picks
  7. Arlott – 76 picks

Fredrinn’s dominance as the most picked hero indicates his crucial role in the current meta, likely due to his versatility and impact in team fights. Similarly, Barats and Claude have shown their value in various compositions, contributing significantly to their teams’ successes.

Most Banned Heroes

Banning heroes is a strategic move to counter opponents’ strengths. The most banned heroes this season were:

  1. Mathilda – 144 bans
  2. Angela – 112 bans
  3. Harith – 112 bans
  4. X.Borg – 104 bans
  5. Nolan – 103 bans
  6. Luo Yi – 96 bans
  7. Minotaur – 78 bans

Mathilda’s high ban rate underscores her perceived threat, likely due to her mobility and support capabilities. Angela and Harith’s frequent bans also highlight their game-changing potential, forcing teams to plan around their presence.

Top Players

Top 5 Kills

The ability to secure kills is critical in gaining a tactical advantage. The top players in this category were:

  1. Caderaa (Geek Fam) – 164 kills
  2. CW (ONIC) – 163 kills
  3. EMANN (Bigetron) – 163 kills
  4. Skylar (RRQ) – 155 kills
  5. Kabuki (Aura Liquid) – 154 kills

Caderaa’s leading kill count demonstrates his prowess in combat and his role as a key player for Geek Fam. Close behind, CW and EMANN’s performances were equally impressive, contributing significantly to their teams’ offensive strategies.

Top 5 Assists

Assists are crucial for team success, showcasing players’ support and coordination abilities. The top players in assists were:

  1. Kiboy (ONIC) – 412 assists
  2. Baloyskie (Geek Fam) – 400 assists
  3. ABOY (Geek Fam) – 388 assists
  4. Sanz (ONIC) – 376 assists
  5. KYY (Bigetron) – 336 assists

Kiboy’s astounding assist count highlights his exceptional support play, making him a linchpin in ONIC’s strategy. Baloyskie and ABOY’s high assist numbers further emphasize Geek Fam’s strong team coordination.

Top 5 Average KDA

The Kill-Death-Assist (KDA) ratio is a key metric in evaluating a player’s overall impact. The top players in average KDA were:

  1. Lemon (RRQ) – 21.00 average KDA
  2. MORENO (Bigetron) – 7.75 average KDA
  3. Sanz (ONIC) – 7.36 average KDA
  4. CW (ONIC) – 6.94 average KDA
  5. Yehezkiel (Aura Liquid) – 6.51 average KDA

Lemon’s phenomenal KDA showcases his unmatched consistency and effectiveness on the battlefield. His performance sets a high standard for all players in the league.

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Team Performances

Most Kills

The teams with the highest kill counts this season were:

  1. ONIC – 648 kills
  2. Geek – 647 kills
  3. Bigetron – 510 kills

ONIC’s slight edge over Geek in kills illustrates their aggressive playstyle and efficiency in securing eliminations. Bigetron also showed strong offensive capabilities, rounding out the top three.

Least Kills

On the flip side, the teams with the least kills were:

  1. Dewa – 370 kills
  2. RBL – 396 kills
  3. Alter Ego – 398 kills

These numbers suggest areas for improvement in offensive strategies for Dewa, RBL, and Alter Ego as they look to enhance their competitive edge in future seasons.

Most Deaths

Teams with the highest death counts were:

  1. Geek – 641 deaths
  2. EVOS – 580 deaths
  3. RRQ – 527 deaths

Geek’s high death count, despite their strong kill numbers, indicates their aggressive but risky playstyle. EVOS and RRQ also experienced significant losses, which they will aim to reduce in upcoming matches.

Least Deaths

Teams with the least deaths were:

  1. Alter Ego – 411 deaths
  2. RBL – 438 deaths
  3. Aura Liquid – 439 deaths

Alter Ego’s low death count highlights their effective defensive strategies, helping them maintain stability in matches.

Most Assists

The teams with the highest assist counts were:

  1. Geek – 1698 assists
  2. ONIC – 1623 assists
  3. Bigetron – 1302 assists

Geek’s top position in assists underscores their exceptional teamwork and coordination, crucial for their success this season. ONIC and Bigetron also demonstrated strong collaborative play.

Least Assists

The teams with the least assists were:

  1. Dewa – 925 assists
  2. RBL – 1011 assists
  3. Alter Ego – 1027 assists

These teams will need to focus on improving their teamwork and coordination to boost their assist counts and overall performance in future seasons.

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Conclusion on the MPL ID Season 13 Statistics

MPL ID Season 13 has been a remarkable showcase of talent, strategy, and competitive spirit. The statistics reveal key insights into the current meta, standout players, and team dynamics. As teams and players continue to evolve and adapt, we can expect even more thrilling performances and strategic depth in future seasons. Whether it’s the most picked heroes shaping the meta or the top players leading their teams to victory, MPL ID continues to be a premier stage for Mobile Legends esports.

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