Marvel Snap earns $50 million in revenue and has 18 million downloads since its debut

Marvel Snap revenue

According to Appmagic data, Marvel Snap has 18 million downloads since launch and has just surpassed $50 million in revenue.

The game, which was launched on 18 October 2022, reached 5.3 million downloads and $2 million in revenue in its first week. Then it generated $10 million revenue and 12 million downloads in its first month.

Currently, the average daily downloads over the past 30 days have been just under 38k, and the average daily income has been just under $384k.

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As you might assume, the platform split favors iOS in terms of revenue and Android in terms of downloads. The present revenue for iOS is just over $28 million from 5.4 million downloads, compared to $22.3 million for Android and 12.7 million downloads.

Naturally, the market split reveals that the US is dominating in terms of revenue and downloads. The US ($29.9m), South Korea ($2.9m), Canada ($2m), Japan ($1.7m), and the UK ($1.4m) are the top markets in terms of income.

The US has 4.4 million downloads, followed by Brazil (1.9 million), Indonesia (1.6 million), the UK (828 thousand), and France (779k).

Interestingly, Marvel Snap is currently experimenting with a web shop that permits players to purchase in-game currency outside of the platform. This move allows them to evade Apple and Google’s 30% commission. The web shop enables players to enroll online using their player ID to buy Gold.

The web shop presently features 12 markets, namely Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

According to the Marvel Snap web shop’s FAQ section, Gold prices in the app and on the web shop are identical. However, the web shop supports various payment methods depending on the user’s location.

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