OpenAI’s GPT-4 is Officially Running in Bing

GPT Bing

Microsoft finally announces that GPT-4 from OpenAI is running in Bing. In addition, it also confirms that the stable version of Edge browser will include the new Bing AI chatbot. At the time of its initial unveiling at Microsoft’s AI press conference in February, the feature was only accessible as a developer beta and not a general release.

Also, in the same event, Microsoft is bringing a new feature called the “Edge Copilot” on its Microsoft Edge.

The new version reinvents the idea of the sidebar, which previously housed Edge’s “Discover” tool, which gives users background information on the website they’re viewing. An AI chatbot will be available in the new sidebar in its place.

Hovering over the Bing icon in the toolbar will open the sidebar for users to engage with when they want to use the AI features. The sidebar can be instantly hidden when not in use.

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Edge Copilot, an AI feature that can offer “intelligent suggestions and insights based on the context of the web page and the user’s goals,” is available to users while the browser is open.

During its event, the company elaborated that the AI chatbot was launched with two primary functions: chatting and composing. By utilizing these functions, users can effectively perform tasks such as summarizing extensive web content, making comparisons, and in some cases, even creating content.

Microsoft also claims that the AI Copilot could also be used to search the web faster, compose better emails, or even learn new skills.

Furthermore, Microsoft adds that a new interface is being rolled out for the Microsoft 365 tab on the Edge Enterprise new tab screen. The Microsoft Feed will now be bigger, with more productivity-related material and cards for important emails, recently visited SharePoint sites, upcoming events, and to-do items moved to the right side of the tab.

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