Adobe and Google are Joining Forces in the AI War

The AI race is heating up as Adobe’s generative art tool, Firefly, integrates into Google Bard. This collaboration allows Google’s experimental chatbot, similar to OpenAI’s Dall-E tool, to create images based on user prompts.

In March, Adobe released the beta version of Firefly, which not only generates images from text but also allows real-time image editing. Additionally, Adobe Express, a free photo editing software popular among mobile users for its pre-made design templates for creating social media posts, will soon be available on Bard.

With Firefly, Google Bard users can now generate and edit images from text within the same platform. According to the announcement, Firefly will be Bard’s leading AI partner, emphasizing the platform’s text-to-image capabilities. Adobe claims that Firefly is unique among AI art tools because it generates images that are free of copyrighted content. Adobe trained its AI model using its own stock images, openly licensed, and public domain content, making the images it produces safe for commercial use since it’s not based on copyrighted web content.

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Adobe uses the open-source technology of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to bring transparency to the images generated via Firefly on Bard, empowering creators to tell their stories authentically while providing verification for how and where content was created and modified. Assets created with Firefly, including those generated via Bard, have CAI-powered Content Credentials attached. These are like digital “nutrition labels” that automatically attach to content and contain information such as what model was used to generate it. Content Credentials can tell if an image was created by a human or generated with AI. Adobe established CAI in 2019 to promote the adoption of open industry standards for content attribution and to protect creators and content consumers.

Adobe is developing Firefly to be seamlessly integrated into creators’ existing workflows across Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express, enabling them to generate and edit images with ease.

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